One thing we’re all short of is time, time to plan, time to decide what you want and time to organise, so I’ve put together some pre-planned packages to take a weight off your mind:

FACES, PLACES, PRODUCTS:     £147 / month or £1597 / year

We know people buy into other people, so who you are is as important as what you do. If you’re not visible on your website, you’re presenting a blank to potential clients and customers and that equals missed opportunities. Shots of your staff are vital, shots of your staff doing what they do, is better still.

  • During the course of a year, I will make four visits to your premises to spend two hours on staff headshots or capture them at work, conveying the atmosphere and culture of your business along with staff interaction.
  • Shopfront, interior or product photography, can be included during the visit. Resulting shots will ensure you’re able to keep your website personal and authentic as well as providing a ‘bank’ of shots to be used effectively on social media, flyers or brochures.


  • This one-year package is for up to fifteen staff members. 
  • A quote can be given should there be a larger number involved or should the timing of the visit need to be extended. 
  • Shoots last for up to two hours. 
  • Digital images from each shoot will be available for download within 1 week. You can expect at least 1 or 2 beautifully edited shots for each staff member.
  • The final number of social media and website images is dependent on the subject, for example, product photography requires lighting and backdrop setup first. 

THE PERSON BEHIND THE BUSINESS:     £47 / month or £497 / year

You are the face, the personality and the driving force behind your business, it’s important you’re visible to clients and customers whether on your website, social media, flyers, brochures or for PR purposes. All these head shots are taken on location.

  • One Autumn shoot:
  • One Winter Shoot
  • One Spring Shoot
  • One Summer Shoot
  • Two website and social media photos on location (to coincide with seasonal shoots)


  • This one-year package is for the business owner. 
  • Shoots last for around an hour. 
  • Digital images from each shoot will be available for download within 1 week. You can expect at least 3 beautifully edited digitals from each seasonal shoot, and up to 5 digitals from your social media shoots.

Payment Details:

  • Each of the photographic packages is valid for one calendar year from point of purchase.
  • A discount is available for fee paid in advance (as shown in package prices above).
  • Monthly fees are to be paid by direct debit.